A Quest for world’s
best coffee

Join us in our mission to find the world’s best coffee farmers,
where highest possible quality meets sustainable production and trading.

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What is
Daisuke mission

Daisuke Tanaka is a Japanese coffee cupping and roasting master. His mission is to find the best coffees in the world and partner with farmers who care about quality, investing in their people, plants, and technology to deliver the best-quality fair trade coffee.

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How do we ensure highest possible quality?

Coffee selection

Daisuke is the first person to pick his choice of coffee from our farmers. Based on his tasting and guidance, the farmers personally select their best coffees for Daisuke Mission.

Coffee roasting

We use Loring Falcon roasting machines, the best available today. Every roasting was specifically set by Daisuke for each coffee variety to bring you the best possible aroma and taste

Coffee drinking

Coffee loses its aroma in 2-3 weeks after roasting. We can’t let that happen, so you get two packs. Put one UNOPENED into your freezer, so it stays fresh until you are done with the other pack