About the Mission

Daisuke Tanaka is a Japanese coffee cupping and roasting master. His mission is to find the best coffees in the world and partner with farmers who care about quality, investing in their people, plants, and technology to deliver the best-quality fair trade coffee. While Daisuke is looking for the best coffees in the world, he cares not only about quality but also about the values behind each cup of coffee.

Daisuke prioritizes sustainability, transparency, and traceability.


Though Daisuke is looking for the best coffees in the world, he also knows that his relationships with farmers only work if they are healthy and mutually beneficial. He has worked consistently with our farmers for the past 14 years, and he pays 5-6 times more than the price of commercial coffee to ensure a sustainable livelihood for all of the farmers.

The coffee producers reinvest this money into their fieldworkers and harvesters, who receive twice the salary they would otherwise get on a commercial coffee field. But it doesn’t stop there: producers ? also invest in aspects of their workers’ quality of life, from nutrition, children’s education, and high standards of living at the farms.

“Finding good coffee is like finding Heaven”


From the high revenues our coffee farmers receive, a lot is invested in further developing the quality of the coffee. The primary focus is that every step of coffee production is traceable. Daisuke spends several weeks each year at these farms inspecting all steps of the coffee production so that it reaches the highest possible standards without the use of pesticides.

During these visits, Daisuke also cups the coffee, examines each harvest, and tests out various methodologies together with the farmers, constantly working together to improve the quality and aroma of the coffees.


All the money we pay goes directly to the farmers. We don't have a supply chain, middlemen, or anyone who would otherwise gain profits from trading. This also ensures that we know exactly what we are buying. All of our farmers select their best coffee beans and reserve them for us.

All of our coffee is the highest quality micro lot specialty coffee: hand-picked, individually inspected and selected. There are only a few tons produced per year from every variety, as specialty coffee is not about volume but about quality. Only micro lot production can ensure homogeneity in all attributes - such as altitude, humidity, temperature or variety - which are key in delivering the highest quality in the coffee world.