Our farmers

  • Fernando Lima
  • Sergio Ortez
  • Samuel Zavala
  • Luis Balladarez
  • Eudoro Guillen

Fernando Lima is a fourth generation coffee farmer. His great grandfather was the one who first cultivated coffee in El Salvador in 1865, while he was the president of El Salvador. Fernando is the single most awarded coffee farmer in El Salvador, he has excelled at Cup of Excellence competition every year over the last few decades.

His coffee fields are in the Santa Ana region in El Salvador, the best products coming from the Santa Ana volcano itself.

Fernando believes coffee is the most important drink in the world, it unites people with different backgrounds from all over the world. There’s not a single place on Earth, where they don’t know coffee. For him, it is also tradition and family. For many decades families have been harvesting together, sharing the work and joys of coffee.His passion is not only coffee but running, so he goes for a run like 5 times a week.Fernando grows quite a few varieties: Burbón, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai, Geisha

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Sergio is a third generation coffee farmer. His farm was the first one established in the San Fernando area in Nicaragua back in 1950. His grandfather acquired it in 1965, while Sergio received from his father in 2002. Early on he realized that producing specialty coffee is the only sustainable way of doing coffee business, as the price is dependent on the quality not on the traders in New York.

His passion for coffee is beyond imaginable: when Daisuke first visited him in 2005, they have spent three months on the farm working together to start a long term project for producing one of the best coffees in the world. It’s no surprise after working together for so many years, sleeping and living together on the farm, getting to know each other’s family they became friends, and long-lasting ties have formed also between the families.

Sergio has three kids, the eldest, her daughter is already helping with farming, while the boys are still playing around, but with great desire to learn coffee production from their father. His two best varieties are Pacamara and Jaba, both can be found in this year’s selection.

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Samuel is an agronomist and since he was born his life was around coffee. Two years ago, when he was only 24 years old, his father died and he had to take over the entire farm, the coffee business and the responsibility for close to 100 people that work each season on his farm. For him, these people are not just workers, they are his family. He – like all his workers – lives on the farm, sharing his shelter, his food, his knowledge with these families surrounding him.

His farm was established by his grandfather 40 years ago, while his love for specialty coffee started when he was 16 and tasted specialty coffee for the first time. From then on, there was no turning back, he dedicated himself to growing the highest possible quality of specialty coffee, resulting in a fourth place in 2018 at Cup of Excellence with a Maracaturra variety.

He is the youngest coffee farmer to reach such heights amongst the best coffees in the world. Though both his and Daisuke’s favourite is Maracaturra, he cultivates other varieties too, mainly Caturra.

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Luis Albert is a fourth generation coffee farmer and he is also the pastor of the community where he lives in Jalapa region, Nicaragua. Though for many decades his family was growing coffee, his father and he have started their own business in specialty coffee 15 years ago, established the Bendicion (Blessing) Farm, which now produces some of the best coffee in the world. In 2018 he has reached the 1st and 5th place at Cup of Excellence with two Red Pacamara varieties.

Daisuke was the first buyer of Luis Alberto, they have started their businesses at the same time and has been working together ever since. He attributes many of his successes to the help and knowledge of Daisuke, without him, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Coffee is everything for them, they have grown up on the fields, they have started tasting coffee since young kids while they have traditionally eaten tortillas dipped in coffee.

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Norma and Eudoro are wife and husband, working together on their coffee farm for the last 11 years. Norma is a system engineer, while Eudoro was growing up the coffee field, which his father started a few decades ago.

Though originally Eudoro started working in business administration, his father offered him a job, so he went back to live and work on the farm. In those years coffee was a very flourishing business, with relatively high prices for commercial coffee, but over the last 5 years, the price of coffee has dropped significantly, jeopardizing their living.

His father died in 2008, so he was only 27 when he took over and started managing the San Jose farm. As a result, Norma and Eudoro had to face this crisis alone. That marked the beginning of cultivating specialty coffee, ever since they are dedicated to producing the highest quality in coffee. They are experimenting with several varieties, mainly Arabicos Caturra, Red Caturra and Yellow Caturra.

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